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I create videos. Here are some of em'.

Wildcat Piercing

Wildcat stands for piercing jewelry of the highest quality and the great promise to make the world a whole lot more colorful. Their striving for perfection in all areas as well as the wild passion for the topics piercing, tattoo and quality make them what they are: WE ARE WILDCAT.



Still alive clothing

Are you still alive? Be grateful for every day, every moment, everything that life gives us. Show appreciation and enjoy life.



Tattoo B-Roll

Trust your nasty idea – a little dynamic video for a young tattoo artist from cologne.



Diversity Day

Beauty is found in every human being. Sonja Lipka has made this very subject her vocation. Diversity can be so beautiful.


Behind the scenes

Client feedback.

about me.

My focus has always been to tell stories and bring the viewer into the action. This is a goal I pursue passionately; completely free and far from the rules and the videos we are used to seeing.